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We in Resonac will propose various solutions that are effective in solving problems in workshops and technical development.

PCBN extending interrupted cutting tools’ life with both hardness and fracture resistance

KT70X is a sintered compact PCBN suitable for interrupted cutting tools for stiff materials. With cBN content and dispersibility optimized compared with its conventional products, contributes to longer tool life with increased hardness and fracture resistance.

RF Module Substrate with Low Dk, Low Df, and Low CTE, Ideal for Multilayering and Miniaturization

Resonac recommends its RF module substrate MCL-HS200 (Type D) that features both low dielectric properties and low CTE, and is suitable for multilayering.

Low-Melting Glass “Vaneetect” Enabling Reliable Hermetic Sealing by Heating at 300°C

This material contains silver and tellurium in its main component vanadium, and can be used for hermetic sealing applications with a low-temperature heating process.

Reliability Surpassing Sintered Silver! Sintered Copper Paste with 300W/m・K Thermal Conductivity

Resonac proposes sintered copper paste (hereinafter, “sintered copper”) as a bonding material with superior heat resistance, heat dissipation, and reliability.

The Al cooler enabling higher output, downsizing and weight reduction of power modules

Resonac solves the challenges involved in cooling power modules by combining its design and analysis technologies, taking advantage of its aluminum(Al) materials and processing and joining technologies to offer proposals that meet our customers’ specifications.

Enhancing the reliability of power semiconductors! High Tg, Heat-Resistant Epoxy Molding Compounds

Resonac’s heat-resistant epoxy molding compound feature high Tg, restrain components and their expansion, thereby improving power cycle test results.

77 GHz radar substrate material with excellent RF performance, processability, and reliability

Resonac’s LW-990(RFD) achieves superiority in RF performance, wiring accuracy, processability, and reliability, thereby meeting the challenges of high accuracy, miniaturization, and high reliability required of 77 GHz-band millimeter-wave radar substrate materials.

Thermal Insulation Coating for preventing energy loss in refrigerant pipes of EVs

Resonac’s Thermal Insulation Coating provides excellent heat-insulating, low thermal conductivity of 0.03 W/(m・K) and a maximum single-coat dry film thickness of 2 mm.

Positive photosensitive insulating resin for FOWLP RDL with high resolution and NMP-free

Resonac’s AR-5100 is a positive photosensitive material that achieves high resolution and applicable with aqueous developer.

HIMAL prevents delamination of a power semiconductor’s sealing material and improves reliability

Used as a sealing material primer,”HIMAL” increase adhesion between the lead frame,…

A bonding film allowing to construct a PTFE multilayer

Adhesive film with excellent adhesion to fluororesin. Low-temperature pressurization at 200°C enables multi-layering of fluororesin substrates.

Precision additive manufacturing using UV curable monomers

Fancryl 500 Series has a bulky DCPD structure that it contributes to low cure shrinkage when added to 3D print resin formulations.

What are transmission loss, dielectric loss, and dielectric loss tangent?

This article mainly explains the causes of transmission loss in printed circuit boards, calculation methods, and methods to reduce transmission loss.

A heat-resistant binder resin that conforms to REACH regulations

Binder resin that does not use REACH regulated substances. It has the same high heat resistance and mechanical properties as conventional PAI resin.

Crosslinking agent for preventing degradation of rubber products

A cross-linking agent that improves the heat resistance and tensile strength of butyl rubber. Productivity improvement in tire manufacturing can be expected.

Solder resists for flexible wiring boards “SN Series”

A modified polyimide resin that has both insulation and flexibility. Achieved excellent insulation reliability, detergent resistance, salt water resistance, and low leakage current.

Heat resistant coating binder PNVA GE191 Series

Realizes high heat resistant and thin ceramic coating layer for LIB separators, improving safety and energy density of LIBs.

Die-bonding paste providing 180 W/(m・k) of thermal conductivity.

It is a sintered copper bonding paste that has a thermal conductivity of 180 W/(m・K) and can be die-bonded with no pressure or low thermocompression pressure.

Stress-absorption prepreg for reducing solder cracks

It is a sheet (prepreg) made by impregnating glass cloth with resin. It has a low modulus of elasticity and can absorb stress in solder joints and suppress cracks.

High relative permittivity materials for transfer molding

It is a high dielectric constant molding material with excellent workability. Due to its low dielectric loss tangent, it exhibits excellent transmission performance even in high frequency bands.

Cleaning sheets for rubber molding that remove stains.

It can be cleaned simply by placing it in the mold and heating it. It not only shortens the cleaning time, but also contributes to improving productivity and maintaining quality.

SKYVEHEATSINK realizing miniaturization and weight reduction

By reducing fin thickness and pitch to levels difficult to achieve with extruded heatsinks, greater compactness and lighter weight can be achieved without undermining the heat dissipation performan

High heat-resistant coating material that prevents delamination

It is a coating material that has both high heat resistance and adhesion. Prevents delamination between encapsulants and substrate materials even in harsh temperature environments.

Mold cleaning sheets for semiconductor manufacturing processes

A cleaning material made of thermosetting synthetic rubber. Place it on the mold, sandwich it between the molds and heat it to remove dirt.

A film capable of bonding a low heat-resistant circuit board

It is possible to connect a circuit board with low heat resistance. Because the thickness is several tens of micrometers, it contributes to the thinning of connection parts.

Binder for lithium-ion batteries contributing to higher capacity

A binder that uses polyamide-imide resin with excellent coating film strength. Contributes to improving the cycle characteristics of lithium-ion batteries.

High reliability die bonding paste for total cost reduction

Die bonding material with low elasticity, excellent stress relaxation, and high adhesive strength. Reliable die bonding can be achieved without additional cost.

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