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Legal Disclaimer


1. Content of the Website

Resonac Europe GmbH (in the following: „REU“) does not give any guarantee for the timeliness, propriety, completeness or quality of the provided information. Liability claims against REU, regarding harm of any nature that resulted from the use, or not-use of the provided information, or out of the use of erroneous or incomplete information are invalid, as long as no deliberate or wantonly negligent behaviour on the side of REU can be proven. All offers can be subject to change and are non-binding. REU reserves the right to change, complete or delete parts or the whole website without prior announcement.


2. References and Links

In case of direct or indirect links to other websites („hyperlinks“) which are not within REU’s area of accountability, liability claims would only be valid, if REU had prior knowledge of the unlawful content and it was technically possible and reasonable to prevent the use. REU clearly states herewith that at the time when links were programmed no unlawful contents could be found on the linked websites. REU does not have any influence on the current or future design, content or authorship of the linked websites. Therefore REU distances itself assertively from all contents, that were subject to change after the link had been set. This statement is valid for all links and references on our own website, as well as in guest books, discussion boards, link lists, mailing lists and all other forms of databanks where content can be changed from the outside. For illegal, erroneous or incomplete content, and especially harm resulting out of the use or not-use of information offered on linked websites, only the provider of the website can be held responsible.


3. Copyright and Trademark Legislation

REU is trying to observe the copyright of all pictures, graphics, audio documents, video documents and texts utilized on this website, to use pictures, graphics, audio documents and texts that were created by REU or to resort to freeware pictures, graphics, audio documents, video documents and texts.
All trademarks mentioned on this website are subject to the unlimited regulations of the applicable copyright and trademark legislation of the owner. Even if the owner is not explicitly mentioned one is not to deduce that the trademark is not protected. The copyright for objects created or generated by REU lies solely with REU. Reproduction or utilization of these graphics, audio documents, video documents and texts in other electronic or printed publications is not allowed without explicit agreement from REU.


4. Legal Effect of this Liability Disclaimer

This liability disclaimer should be seen as part of this website, to which is referred to from this page. Even if parts or single phrases of its text should in part or completely be in disaccord with the current legal situation, the remaining part of the document in its content is still to be regarded as valid.