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Resonac Forms Strategic Partnership with Matmerize in Materials Informatics

- Aiming to Accelerate Development of Semiconductor Materials for 6G -


22 September, 2023

Aiming to develop new semiconductor materials that revolutionize the landscape of 6G technology, Resonac Corporation (President: Hidehito Takahashi) has formed strategic partnership with Matmerize Inc., which is a US startup company recently spun out from Georgia Institute of Technology and provides artificial-intelligence-based polymer informatics software, PolymRizeTM.

Matmerize is led by Prof. Rampi Ramprasad, Georgia Institute of Technology, a worldrenowned professor of materials informatics. This collaboration with Matmerize will enable Resonac to utilize Matmerize’s PolymRizeTM AI software technology and accelerate development of materials to be used in semiconductor integrated circuits for 6G, the nextgeneration telecommunication system standard.

The Resonac Group will continue to utilize computational science, AI and MI (materials informatics), accelerate materials development, and make those materials have new functions ahead of the times, thereby contributing to realization of sustainable development of the global community through the power of chemistry.

Matmerize Inc. also announced the start of this collaboration via the following website on September 6, 2023.

[About the Resonac Group]
The Resonac Group is a group of chemical companies that produces and sells products related to semiconductor and electronic materials, mobility, innovation enabling materials, chemicals, etc. The Group has a wide variety of materials and advanced material technologies applicable to midstream to downstream of supply chains of various products.
In January 2023, the Showa Denko Group and the Showa Denko Materials Group (former Hitachi Chemical Group) merged into the Resonac Group and made a start as a new corporate group. The new trade name “RESONAC” was created as a combination of two English words, namely, the word of “RESONATE” and “C” as the first letter of CHEMISTRY.
As a “co-creative chemical company,” Resonac aims to continue growing and enhance its corporate value through co-creation. The Group recorded net sales of about 1,400 billion yen in 2022, and its overseas sales accounted for 56% of net sales. The Group has deployed production/sales bases in 22 countries and regions, and continues operating its business globally (as of January 2023).